On the 50th anniversary of the publication of 'The Architecture of the City', the exhibition brought together all the books mentioned by Aldo Rossi in their original format. A curatorial concept so abstract to become violent and an exhibition set up which can inspire unusual issues on sampling and remix practices applied to books.

"In returning to the sources on which Rossi drew in order to construct his book, in recovering the original editions so as to expound both their literary and iconographic value, The Books of the Architecture of the City exhibition celebrates the generosity of the book, beyond the fame of its author, and therewith proposes that Aldo Rossi be regarded as only one among many contributors to an intimately multifaceted and collective project called L’architettura della città: a book made of books. The Books of the Architecture of the City does not present a thoroughly researched ‘new' claim regarding the truth (or not) of Rossi’s flawed masterpiece. It is rather, a simple survey of all that Rossi explicitly included within its pages. Thus, the exhibition shows everything and nothing simultaneously."

The books of the architecture of the City, Istituto Svizzero di Roma, Milan.
Curated by: Victoria Easton, Kersten Geers, Guido Tesio
Photograps: Stefano Graziani
Graphic Design: Joris Kritis with Bernardo Rodrigues, Terry Kritis
Editing: Bianca Fabbri, Cloé Gattigo

Set up photo by: Giulio Boem

L'architettura della città, Domus web;

The books of the architecture of the city, Elena Bordignon, ATP diary.

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