The geography of the Porta Venezia neighborhood records some stratifications. The Matilde Cassani's office is now in place of the 'Le' of 'Le Dictateur'. In the store window an installation of 2015, Welcome.


La geografia del quartiere di Porta Venezia registra anche delle stratificazioni. Lo studio di Matilde Cassani è adesso al posto del 'LE' di LE DICTATEUR. In vetrina parte di un allestimento del 2015, Welcome.

"Physically, the threshold itself can be perceived initially as a solid, geometric shape, made of tangible shiny surfaces, that dissolve into thousands of individual threads the instant the visitor crosses through. The shape of the work is drawn from the form of a curtain, relating to the collective memory of old grocery shops, Southern Italy ground floor interiors and the background of a stage show. The visitor, crossing the entrance could instantly reconstruct a scenario made of sudden revelations, food smells, domestic interiors and the expectation for a show that is about to begin."

Welcome, 2015
Exhibition: The man who sat on himself
Institution: Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Torino
Curators: Kate Strain, Angelica Sule, Zsuzsanna Stànitz
Artists: Riccardo Arena, Tomaso de Luca, Matilde Cassani, Riccardo Giacconi, Matteo Stocco
Graphic design: Studio MUT

10 anni di Le Dictateur, Rossella Farinotti, ZERO.

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